Are you the type of person who needs to have things written, but you feel awkward and uncomfortable every time you sit in front of a blank screen? Or maybe you’ve heard people throw around terms like “content marketing” or “blogging” but you’re sure that those are tasks that are better left to someone else?

I can help you with that!

I’m a professional writer, editor, and content marketer, and I love to help people and companies tell their stories in clear, compelling, and creative ways.

Content marketing is basically a fancy way of saying “making stuff,” or more specifically “making stuff that is helpful to people and answers their questions.” There are a few things that make me especially adept at this:

  • I have an undergraduate degree in Literature from a prestigious liberal arts college. (This means I’ve read widely and spent a lot of time thinking big thoughts. It also means that I can sing the first line of The Iliad in ancient Greek, but I don’t usually do that because it tends to scare people.)
  • My classical, not-so-practical undergrad education is coupled with a super practical MA in Translation and Professional Language Skills, which means I know how to edit, proofread, and revise documents for clarity and accuracy.
  • I’ve spent a big chunk of my career in Japan, working with non-native English speakers. This means I know how to write—and communicate—clearly and simply.
  • I’m naturally curious and inquisitive about the world around me—and I’m not afraid to ask really obvious questions!
  • Marketing jargon and corporate speak freak me out. I like to write like a real human being. That said, I know how to adapt my voice to the situation. But I’ll be upfront with you—I believe most situations can be improved by a Zoolander or Austin Powers reference.

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